Organized under the Learning for Life program, Boy Scouts of America.
Sponsored by the office of the Adjutant General, California National Guard
Supported by the American Legion Post #133, Huntington Beach, CA.

Videos and images may include Inert Training Replicas (ITR)
that are used for training purposes only. These Inert Training Replicas cannot fire,
or be made to fire any types of ammunition.









The Post 558 Infantry Explorer's mission is to educate,
train and inspire our cadets to help prepare for a career
of professional excellence and leadership
in a civilian or military profession. 
Military enlistment is not a requirement to join Post 558.

We regret to report the passing of our post founder and commander LTC Gil Coerper. Gil passed away on the evening of February 25, 2017 at 2245 hours. Gil will be sorely missed by all.

Gil served as a police officer with the Huntington Beach Police Department that spanned 39 years of dedicated service. Post-retirement, Gil served our community as a city council member and as Mayor. Gil Coerper is remembered by colleagues as a hard-working, gracious and civically minded man with a particular passion for helping young adults pursue careers in the military.

“He loved working with kids,” Louann Coerper said. “He could help them develop into being adults.” According to former City Council colleague Dave Sullivan, Coerper was particularly devoted to the Post 558 Infantry Explorers, which he organized as Orange County’s first such program. The Post helped youth explore careers in the military. Through the program, a number of youths got into West Point and other academies. As a former lieutenant colonel in the California State Military Reserve and Korean War Navy veteran, Coerper was the go-to source for young adults looking to get into the military academies and other armed services. Coerper was West Point’s admissions coordinator for Los Angeles and Orange Counties and on the military academy appointments committee for two local congressmen. He was honored with the Exploring Division's Award of Merit and Silver Beaver Award.

Louann Coerper said more than 300 kids went through the Post, becoming not only military officers and academy graduates, but doctors, police and sheriffs.

LTC Coerper, Rest in peace, though you will never die.
You will live on forever in the hearts of your cadets
and through your post's continued mission.


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